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Welcome to MediaOne – The leading digital agency in Singapore that has worked with brands like Changi Airport, Fuji Xerox, and Singtel. If you have been wondering how to start your online marketing campaign and get on Page #1 of Google, we can help. Our team of digital experts will guide on your brand’s SEO journey, so as to get you on the top of Google’s SERP for better traffic, improved ranking, enhancing brand visibility and more sales.

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The Smart Way to Rank #1 with MediaOne

Did you know that more than 2.8 trillion search queries are made on Google each year? Probably, none of us buy something without doing a quick search on Google. What’s more interesting is the way we search. More than 75% users don’t go beyond the first page of search engines. This clarifies one thing – Having a website is no longer enough to promote your business. Unless your website shows up on Google Page #1, it’s just not enough.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) empowers your business in more ways than one. It brings your brand to the forefront so that the target audience can find your company. Apart from increasing traffic, SEO changes the overall ranking of your website in a positive way.

At MediaOne, we are committed to SEO excellence. Led by a team of experienced digital experts and SEO consultants, we take brands ahead in their quest for better promotions. We allow you to explore the online marketplace, tackling competition and other aspects. SEO is all about organic efforts, and we take all the required steps to bring your website to Page #1.

SEO Tips!

Eager to start SEO for your website? If you are new to the search engine game or want to just learn more, some of the MediaOne SEO tips listed below can come handy.

Link Quality

Gone are days of forums and link farms. Now, link quality matters more than anything else for Google. With low-quality backlinks, your website has the chance of getting penalized, and in the worst cases, your website might be out of search engine result pages. MediaOne will do a quick audit for your website to find and remove such links.

Link Diversity and Relevance

It is essential to have a diverse link profile for your website, so as to avoid Google Penguin Penalty*. We will do what it takes to improve the profile, and our website will also contain diverse backlinks, so as to avoid overcrowding of similar links.

* Google Penguin is an algorithm, which identifies and penalizes websites that are spamming its SERPs, especially those with low-quality links.

Duplicate Descriptions and Titles

Keeping the popular notion aside, duplicate titles and descriptions don’t take your website anyway ahead in Google rankings. This is because Google only selects one of the pages to display in its searches. In fact, when different pages have similar looking content, they compete internally to get Google attention, which is anything but good for your website. To avoid this, we only suggest having a unique meta description and title for every page of your website.

Keywords and Beyond

The transition to semantic search was inevitable, and this simply means that search queries don’t only rely on keywords but also goes further to understand the trends related to the user. This allows the search engine to understand user’s context and intent better, which only adds to the accuracy of SERPs. Keywords in content extremely important, just like keywords that are included in body page, heading tags and more, which together give a strong signal to search engines.


65% of people conduct research
on Google before they
purchase something online

75% users don’t look
results beyond 1st page
of Google serach.

80% of organic traffic/clicks
comes from

More Than 14% of Leads
coming from SEO Converts
into sales.

Advantages of MediaOne SEO.

Besides an extensive and strong clientele, MediaOne stands for its work. We have worked with startups and large enterprises with the same flair and continuously try to strive ahead of the competition and deliver services that are measurable, scalable and customized. With MediaOne, you only get the what you deserve – the best SEO services!

How MediaOne SEO is different from other companies!

Pure White Hat SEO

Gone are days of rank-quick schemes. Today, it’s more than important to rely on white-hat SEO, and unfortunately, not many marketing agencies follow this rule. MediaOne aims to change that. By following Google’s stringent guidelines and the best practices of the industry, we bring a range of services that are based on 100% white-hat SEO.

Our team goes an extra mile to complete the exhausting process of auditing websites, which helps in understanding the response of search engines. We understand and evaluate every client in a different way to come up with tailored solutions and eradicate issues that are common with SEO campaigns. Apart from improving your brand’s ranking on SERPs, you can gain long-term benefits of online exposure, even when the campaign has concluded.

Guarantee of 6 Month’s

MediaOne takes its client commitments in high regard, and we offer a guarantee to increase your website’s conversion rate and ranking within six months or less. Our aim is simple – To get your website on Google Page #1, and we won’t stop at anything for that.

If we miss our target, which has never happened with any client till date, we will provider 6 month-by-month to meet the set targets, without any extra charge or cost.

Realtime SEO Reporting

MediaOne is a step ahead in ensuring transparency in all our processes and campaigns. We offer 24/7 reporting system, and you can log in at any point of time to find and track the process of your campaign. Avail and make the most of our SEO data, which will help in understanding and changing strategies, as and when required.

The SEO Journey

The MediaOne Difference

MEDIAONEOther Digital Marketing Firms
No Setup FeecheckedDepends
No Minimum Contract PeriodcheckedUsually requires a contract period
Bi-Weekly SEO ReportscheckedUsually offers monthly SEO reports instead
Daily ReportscheckedUsually offered
180 Days GuaranteecheckedUsually not guaranteed
ROI Friendly RatescheckedUsually charge high monthly fees
Comprehensive Technical AuditcheckedSuperficial
Comprehensive Technical FixescheckedSuperficial
Journalist-class SEO CopyrightingcheckedNo
Link Profile OptimisationcheckedBlackhat
Rank Tracking Tool (24/7)checkedVaries
Regional/International RankingcheckedNo
Ranking 600+ Satisfied Customers

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