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Welcome to MediaOne’s SEM services. We are a Google partner and have a team of search engine consultants who ensure ROI for your brand, assuring domination in the online marketplace using Google Adwords and Facebook ads.

Over the years, we have completed hundreds of SEM campaigns, and we have the required experience and expertise to take you the front of Google SERPs and all other relevant advertising platforms.

Get in touch with us to know more about our SEM process, which includes creating powerful content-oriented ads. We will tell you about ways of optimizing your PPC budget and how you can get the assured returns on your campaign both locally and internationally.

Unlike many other SEM agencies, which spend the marketing budget at the earliest to their commissions, MediaOne is focused on your ROI. You can only guess why so many known and upcoming brands trust MediaOne for their SEM requirements.

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Wondering how to make the most of search marketing? Looking for ways to increase leads and enhance traffic to your website?

No matter whether you are a new brand in the market or an experienced firm looking for further online exposure with Google Adwords, MediaOne can help in achieving your goals.

Let’s start with some facts. Contrary to popular belief that people don’t click Google ads, sponsored content actually gets more than 50% of the clicks for commercial intent keyword searches at the more moment. Not to bring down the importance of organic marketing, but what brands don’t understand is the need for sponsored content.

Google has made search engine marketing more interesting and effective than ever before. Today, you have creative ad forms, including display ads and sponsored listings, which works wonders for small and large brands alike. When you want to boost sales for your brand in a short period, search marketing is the way to go.

Counted as the best search engine marketing company in Singapore, MediaOne works to promote your website and brand by increasing traffic with the help of PPC or pay-per-click advertising. Our competent team uses powerful and well-researched keywords to create custom and original ad content, which not only helps in getting traffic but also assists in improving the conversion rate. Paid ads appear strategically on the top of SERPS, and therefore, you can expect to increase brand visibility and sales at the same time.

At MediaOne, we don’t just create SEM campaigns, but we constantly improve on them. It remains one of our main endeavors to ensure the best for our clients, and we are focused on ROI, conversion rates, leads and sales more than anything else.

Combine Power Of SEM + SEO

There’s no denying that PPC advertising works wonders when it comes to generating leads and sales and ensuring online visibility, but it’s surely not the economical choice for round-the-clock needs. At MediaOne, we recommend all clients to blend the benefits of search engine marketing with that of search engine optimization. SEM combined with SEO works wonders, because the data obtained from search marketing aids the SEO campaign. Ultimately, you would expect better traffic, conversion rates and online presence for your brand, and for that, blending SEO and SEM is more than essential.

Since SEM uses a mix of high-performing PPC keywords, the same can be used for SEO for enhancing the conversion rates more organically. SEO with SEM ensures instant results, but it also ensures long-term gains organically.

MediaOne is experienced with Facebook advertising besides Google Adwords, and therefore we can create a more multidimensional online promotional plan, which will help in capturing sales and leads alike.


More than 64.6% of all clicks on high
commercial intent keywords
come from sponsored content.

Sponsored content and display ads
can increase web traffic up to

Brands that use display ads
see 63%  increase in brand

MediaOne’s SEM Campaign Management

Keyword Consultation

MediaOne specializes in SEM consultation, and our team of digital experts will offer a selection of semantic keywords, besides offering consultation services to understand more on keyword selection for your brand.

With in-depth market analysis, MediaOne helps you brand in understanding and identifying keywords and content, which works for your target audience and enhances the conversion rates and ROI.

Thanks to our competent PPC keyword research program and campaign setup, MediaOne has helped thousands of dollars in optimizing their campaign and reducing expenditure.

Competitive Analysis

At MediaOne, we realize and value the power of competition. Our team does in-depth homework to assess the strength and weaknesses of your competitors, which helps us in learning and devising solutions that match your business goals and needs.

As a brand, you need to know what has worked for your competitors, and MediaOne helps you in understanding the same so that you can tackle these concerns with a successful and tailored online marketing campaign.

What’s more? MediaOne experts will also provide a list of ads, online keywords and landing pages that competitors are using, which will only add to the value of your campaign, as you can learn from others. We will take your campaign to the forefront by learning from competitors and their marketing tactics.

Professional Copywriting

There’s an ongoing debate on how visual content is taking over organic and written content. Yes, visual content, such as videos and images are useful for grabbing the attention of the target audience, but one cannot ignore the need for written content, especially with regards to SEM and SEO.

Competent SEM copywriting can make a huge difference for targeting customers in search engine marketing. Apart from the exhaustive research that goes into finding keywords, writing strategic content is a part of the job. We ensure that you get high quality copywriting services for all your search engine marketing content and ads. Apart from web writers, we also have newspaper journalists on board, who write compelling copywriting stuff.

We create Google Ads that effectively use SEO keywords in an effective way to capture the attention of your audience and get them to click on sponsored content. Apart from an obvious boost to sales, you will see a difference in the online visibility of your brand. Call the experts of MediaOne to understand what it takes to bring your brand on the top of search engines, both organically and through paid ads.

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